1358774742-climatronicAir conditioning is the process of altering the properties of air (primarily temperature and humidity) to more favourable conditions. Over 85% of vehicles today have air conditioning systems fitted as standard and these are usually found in two different forms – manual or automatic.

The automatic type is commonly referred to as ‘climate control’ whereby the driver or passengers set the temperature and the system maintains the desired temperature. The manual type is just that, in that there is an on-off button to control the system. We will check your air conditioning system for performance and advise you of any maintenance that may be required – free of charge.

We use the Bosch ACS611 (R134a) plus TEXA 707R (R1234yf) fully automatic service equipment to perform all air conditioning service operations.

**UPDATE! Now providing the latest R1234yf refrigerant type for Service and Repair**

 We offer a complete air conditioning service including:

  • System Servicing
  • Fault diagnosis and repair
  • Cabin filter replacement
  • Anti-bacterial treatment service

Air Conditioning automatic service procedure including;

  • Refrigerant recovery
  • Moisture removal from system
  • UV leak detection fluid added
  • Refrigerant recharge

R134a Refrigerant Type = £59 inc. vat

R1234yf Refrigerant type = £99 inc. vat

Hybrid vehicles included!