The cam belt, or timing belt, is the drive method between the components camshaft and crankshaft. They are mainly constructed of rubber and the Volkswagen Group have recommended intervals as to when the cam belt should be changed. Other components in the set-up include the belt tensioner, guide pulleys and the coolant pump. These are mostly advised to be replaced along with the cam belt itself.

When you bring your Volkswagen Group vehicle to us for this to be carried out you will receive the highest quality of service as we use the correct tool sets, repair procedures published by Volkswagen AG and also only original equipment quality parts are used. All this is completed at a fraction of the cost you would expect from the franchise dealer, so it really does make sense to bring your car to us for this all important procedure.

We have also constructed a fixed price menu for this;

Diesel (up to and including 2 litre engines)

  • Audi A3, VW Golf 7 (from 2013) £495 inc. vat
  • Audi A1, A3, Q3 + VW Golf 6, VW Passat (2005-2012) £449 inc. vat
  • Audi A4, A5, A6, Q5 (2008-2016)  £495 inc. vat
  • Audi A3, VW Golf 5 (to 2005) £449 inc. vat

Petrol (up to and including 2 litre engines)

  • Audi A3/ VW Golf 7 (2013-2020) all engine sizes + hybrid £370 inc. vat
  • Audi TT (2006-2014) £495 inc. vat
  • VW up!, Skoda Citigo (from 2011) £370 inc. vat

Remember! Our prices include the cam belt, tensioner and guide pulleys, coolant pump and alternator drive belt!

(Please note- this page is still under construction and more engine types will be added. Please contact us if your engine type is not listed)